SynAssets is a community consensus participant project,so it will eventually be governed completely by the DAO.
At the early stage,only early consensus members to launch and operate.Now,SynAssets have 3 main roles,including the early consensus members,Volunteers and Ambassadors.
This is the core members as follow:

Early consensus members


Early consensus participants and head of market at SynAssets,lead the marketing, growth team, ambassadors to pioneer and innovate the SynAssets ecosystem.
After graduating from a finance master’s degree in 2015,spent almost 7 years in the financial investment industry and the blockchain field.Before joining the SynAssets,he was the Chief of Market Officer for a decentralized synthetic assets project in Singapore,where he gained valuable insights on the synthetic assets field.

Meagen Roth

Early consensus participants and the head of Operation at SynAssets. She has strong theoretical foundation in financial marketing and extensive experience in operations. She has worked private customization for many well-known companies with rich experience in Singapore. In 2018, She joined the blockchain ecosystem and formed her own mature and unique operation strategy and thinking.

Camile Uddin

Early consensus participants and the Chief Engineer at SynAssets.He obtained a Ph.D Degree and specialized in Java, C/C#, PHP, Python and Solidity. With over 10 years of advanced software development experience, and over 6 years of blockchain projecst development experience, he worked in Singapore top technology companies and served as chief engineer for blockchain projects.


Roman Soldier

Speak different languages,Keeping the good vibes in the community, Moderating, Bridging people to crypto.
he've been a discord moderator on many different Crypto and NFT Projects before.


Writting articles, translate your articles into russian language, help to build strong russian community.