Consensus Network

SynAssets has launched the consensus network function in order to gather more consensus participants in SynAssets, and thus to gain wealth growth thanks to the consensus.
SynAssets consensus participants can be granted with consensus rewards by inviting more consensus users. No consensus participants can conduct IDO, State, and Bond in SynAssets unless they have the invitation codes.
SynAssets will input 10% (percentage to be determined) of each additional tokens issued by the Treasury into the consensus network pool. The consensus rewards will be issued every 8 hours based on the total computing power of the entire network, total rewards in the consensus pool, and the percentage of the inviter’s personal computing power. Consensus participants can apply for their rewards in the consensus network pool.
Next Reward Amount indicates the amount of rewards which will be allocated in the next 8 hours. This amount is constantly changing.
At the same time, your computing power is also changing. According to the consensus decay algorithm, it decays linearly over time. For example, the first person you invite gets 100 computing power; your computing power decays linearly over time; maybe 10 days later, your computing power drops to 0; and in order to maintain and increase your computing power, you have to continuously invite consensus participants to join and build the SynAssets ecology together.
Note: If you don’t receive your yields for more than 3 days, the network will no longer issue rewards. The network will resume allocation till you receive your rewards again.
Last modified 1yr ago