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sAssets transaction process

  • x% tax:Meme tokens are popular in the world thanks to the introduction of the mechanisms of deflation and protocol-controlled liquidity. Every token issued by sAssets will be governed by the deflation mechanism of Meme coin. Every transaction will be charged a tax of x% (specific parameter governance), which will be automatically put into the liquidity pool. And LP will automatically donate to the Treasury.
  • 80% into treasury:After adding liquidity to 80% of IDO's funds, all of them will be put into the treasury, and rewards will be distributed to the staking.
  • Consesus Pool:SynAssets will input 10% (specific parameter governance) of each additional tokens issued by the Treasury into the consensus network pool. The consensus rewards will be issued every 8 hours based on the total computing power of the entire network, total rewards in the consensus pool, and the percentage of the inviter’s personal computing power. Consensus participants can apply for their rewards in the consensus network pool.

SynAssets transaction process

Only holders of SAT can participate in IDOs of the sAssets project.
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