What is SynAssets?

SynAssets will begin on Polygon as a robust consensus aggregation network with significant liquidity and minimal liquidation risk, thanks to early consensus members.
SynAssets will introduce five major innovations, including SynAssets Assets (sAssets), IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering), consensus aggregation network, (5,5) Consensus, and deflation mechanism, in addition to bringing the fair issuance mechanism of Olympus, POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity), and 3.3 Consensus into the synthetic assets world. Because of the consensus, all consensus participants in the SynAssets ecology will see their wealth grow.
Following the initial launch of SynAssets, we will roll out sAssets like sMatic, sBTC, and sETH. We will launch traditional financial assets such as Apple and Tesla stocks, in addition to crypto currencies such as BTC, Matic, and ETH, to bring the new type of consensus mechanism into the traditional financial community. In the initial launch, innovative functions such as sAssets,(5,5) Consensus, consensus aggregation network, and deflation mechanism will be available. SynAssets will collaborate with consensus participants in the future to develop and launch new functions such as DAO governance in order to build the SynAssets ecosystem together.