Token Economic Model

The platform token for the entire SynAssets ecosystem is SAT. There are no pre-mining or team reservations because the IDO is open and fair. Through the whitelist, all consensus participants will have the opportunity to obtain SAT tokens; token utility will be determined by DAO governance.
80% of IDO's initial funds will be deposited in treasury and distributed to ten new sAssets.
Holders of SAT tokens have access to IDO, governance, and other aspects of all sAssets Projects in the ecosystem. Furthermore, they are covered by the unlimited deflation mechanism.
The deflation mechanism's specific rules are as follows: Assume sMatic is the name of the first sAssets project, and the token is MAT. To get MAT, users must have Matic-SAT LP in order to participate in IDO (Initial DAO offerings). Matic will be added to the liquidity pool after IDO is completed, and SAT will be automatically destroyed. Simultaneously, MAT will enter Staking in order to receive sMAT rewards. That is, half of the IDO funds will be given up. Existing SynAssets will launch more new sAssets as a network aggregation. The SAT market circulation will decrease, forming an infinite deflation mechanism.
The IDO of SAT tokens is split into two categories: OG Market and Public Market. Participants in the OG Market must have a whitelist, whereas those in the Public Market do not need a whitelist but must pay a higher price. SAT tokens will be send to all participant after the IDO.The liquidity pool will receive 80% of the total tokens raised, with the remaining 20% going to the market of early consensus participants and development fees.