How do participate in SynAssets?

SynAssets ecology allows consensus builders to participate in one of four ways: IDO, stake, bond, or consensus network. Consensus participants can participate in the IDO of SAT by participating in community events (SynAssets Token). They can get early quotas, hold SAT, and participate in IDO for other sAssets like sMatic, sETH, sDAO, and so on.
Participants in the consensus can earn more tokens by staking sMatic, sETH, sBTC, and other tokens. They may also gain yields by locking LP, DAI, Matic, or ETH tokens for a set period of time and purchasing sTokens at a discounted price.
Participants in the consensus network can be rewarded with consensus rewards by inviting more users to join the consensus.
SynAssets will launch a global volunteer recruitment program for consensus. Consensus participants may be eligible for a variety of benefits after joining the program, including a basic salary and whitelisting. The community will be informed of the specific rules.
Those interested in participating in SynAssets ecological governance can join the Discord community ( early on and later participate in governance through DAO proposals, voting, and other means. SynAssets is always looking for new consensus participants to help build the SynAssets ecosystem.