How can i benefit from SynAssets?

The token quota in the early stages provides the main benefit for IDO participants, allowing them to benefit from the wealth growth brought about by the development of SynAssets ecology.
The benefits of staking are derived from supply growth. New sToken will be issued as sAsset Treasury assets grow, with the majority of them going to pledgers. As a result, the pledger's yield is derived from the compound interests generated by the staking. Staking is, of course, subject to token price fluctuations. In other words, if the staking reward grows faster than the risk of price decline (due to inflation), the staking user will profit.
The main advantage of bond holders is price stability. Bondholders should stake LP or tokens that can be redeemed at maturity to get a fixed return. Their profits are determined by the maturity price of the LP or token. They can make money if the price rises or stays the same.
The amount of participation of their invited users is related to the interests of consensus network participants.