Fair Launch

SynAssets is a non-profit startup with no outside funding. IDO (Initial Decentralized offerings)issues the SAT (SynAssets Token). The initial offering is open to everyone. At the same time, it uses the DeFi method to allow people from all time zones around the world to participate (except for countries and regions which prohibit transactions of crypto currencies).


(5,5) is the idea that if everyone worked together in SynAssets, everyone would benefit the most (from a game theory standpoint). A user can currently take one of five actions:
Stake (+5)
Invite (+4)
Bond (+3)
Deflation (+2)
Sell (-5)
If we both Stake & Stake(5, 5), it is the best thing for both of us and the protocol (5+5=10).
It is best for both of us and the protocol (5+5=10) if we both stake and stake(5, 5).
It's also great if one of us stakes and the other invites, because staking removes DAO tokens from the market and deposits them in the protocol, while inviting more consensus participants to join (5 + 4 = 9).
It's also great if one of us stakes and the other bonds, because staking takes DAO tokens off the market and into the protocol, whereas bonding provides liquidity and Matic or DAI for the Treasury(5 + 3 = 8).
It's also great if one of us stakes and the other deflates, because staking removes DAO tokens from the market and places them in the protocol, whereas deflation reduces token circulation (5 + 2 = 7).
When both of us sell, it results in the worst possible outcome for both of us and for the protocol (-5 - 5 = -10).

Synthetic Assets (sAssets)

SynAssets will introduce a consensus synthetic asset protocol with high liquidity, no risk of liquidation, and complete decentralization in order to bring consensus to the synthetic asset world. According to community feedback, SynAssets will launch sBTC, sMATIC, sETH, sAAPL, and sAMZN. At that point, a brand-new era of consensus synthetic assets will begin. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market will be integrated with the traditional financial market.

Consensus Aggregation Network

In his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind, Israeli anthropologist Yuval Noah Harari clearly stated that Homo sapiens could defeat Neanderthals and create a modern civilization through imagination-aggregating consensus. We will put the funds drawn from the Treasury into the consensus aggregation pool, based on the Olympus algorithm, so that the inviter can earn rewards by inviting others to join. As a result, we will encourage more people to join the consensus, and we will continue to launch new consensus-based sAssets in response to market demand. SynAssets will eventually become the world's largest consensus network, thanks to the combined efforts of all consensus participants.

Deflation Mechanism

Meme tokens have gained popularity around the world as a result of the introduction of deflationary mechanisms and protocol-controlled liquidity. The Shibi miracle is the result of this. SynAssets will implement such a mature mechanism in order to advance consensus. The deflation mechanism of Meme coin will govern every token issued by sAssets. Every transaction will be subject to an 8% tax (specific parameter governance), which will be deposited into the liquidity pool automatically. LP will also make an automatic donation to the Treasury.

High Security

To improve SynAssets security, all SynAssets codes will be open on GitHub, allowing all users to monitor and verify them, and professional auditors will be invited to conduct security audits. SynAssets will use a multi-signature wallet, with one key held by an elected community administrator, one key held by an early consensus participant from the market team or financial team, and one key held by the best community contributor. Community members may propose adding more safe keepers for the multi-signature wallet at a later stage. Rug pulls will never be a problem in this manner.