Global Consensus

Volunteer Recruitment Program
SynAssets is a project managed by the community. We are now launching the global consensus volunteer recruitment program in order to gather more consensus participants to build SynAssets ecology.
You can join the program if you are experienced in community group management, text writing, market promotion, etc. or if you are loyal consensus participants in SynAssets and hope to make contributions to the development of the ecology.
All selected consensus volunteers can not only receive USDT as a basic salary, but also have the opportunity to obtain the whitelist, IDO, and other rewards in the ecological development based on their contributions.
1. Number of recruits: 5–8
2. Date:22nd December,2021@01:00 pm UTC -31st December,2021@01:00 pm UTC

3. Requirements

3.1 Fluent in English.
3.2 Have deep knowledge about crypto.
3.3 Having a crypto community is a plus.You will attract new users.
3.4 Experienced in moderating discord and Telegram communities. You will be responsible to moderate our global communities as well as your regional communities.You should at least have 2000 members in your regional Telegram or discord communities to get a bonus of 300 USDT.You will answer users question gently and professionally.
3.5 Highly responsible,capable and willing to gather SynAssets eco-enthuasist.
3.6 Build SynAssets ecology with Passion.

4. Selection Conditions

You can become candidates if u are not selected.
4.1 Number of invitations
4.2 Rank
4.3 Skills: speak different languages,different countries, marketing

5.Here is what you’ll get:

5.1 300 USDT monthly basic salary if you can complete the KPI
5.2 Upto 500 USDT monthly if you can make us satisfied by your contribution
5.3 IDO whitelist chance
5.4 Participate in the consensus network and get the consensus invitation reward
5.5 Priority to participate in the follow-up activities of the SynAssets platform.
5.6 Have SynAssets ecological autonomously, suggesting, and voting rights.
5.7 Limited edition Hoodies, Caps,bags and mystery boxes.
5.8 Token allocation in future.

6.Application Process

6.1 Fill out the online application form
6.2 we will be dedicated staff to contact you after approval.
Thank you for your attention and support to SynAssets.