DAO Governance

SynAssets is a community consensus participant project,so it will eventually be governed completely by the DAO.
More specifically, SynAssets is a mobile decentralized community where consensus participants collectively decide the development of the ecology. The community is bottom-up, flexible and decentralized. Consensus participants in the ecology share common missions and visions. They observe executable codes of conduct. And they can decide and manage any matters, such as the development strategy, operation plan, and product updating.
SynAssets Token SAT determines voting rights. Rewards are allocated based on contributions. And corresponding penalty mechanisms are formulated according to the computing algorithm.
SynAssets in the future: (1) Open sources and blockchain-based; (2) Open qualification of consensus participants in the ecology; (3) Everyone is a distributed independent individual; (4) Use token management protocols; (5) Automatic and community-based market development and product functions; (6) Prevent collusion; (7) Encourage bottom-up participation of the consensus participants in the community.
As you can see, we are still exploring the most suitable governance method for the SynAssets ecology. Initially, we will conduct community governance through Discord ( Early consensus participants will listen to opinions from the community.
In the future, SynAssets will develop DAO functions. All consensus participants in the ecology can create proposals and participate in voting in order to jointly build the SynAssets ecology. Let’s join hands to turn our goals into reality.
Last modified 1yr ago