🍉Consensus Ambassador Recruitment Plan

SynAssets Consensus,
Along with the release of the SynAssets website and whitepaper, We will enter the era of synthetic assets 2.0 as a crypto consensus network.
SynAssets is proud to announce our Global Consensus Ambassador Recruitment Plan, where you can be part of our consensus and build a new synthetic assets world with SynAssets. If you are an events organiser, Twitter KOL,community genie or other KOL,we want to hear from you!
The mission of the Global Consensus Ambassador Recritment Plan is to bring together a purpose-driven and committed global community both in and out of the new synthetic assets world.
We want you to help us educate, inspire and enable people to benefit from a fairer, more security,more equitable way of doing crypto digital business with SynAssets.
Collectively, this is our mission and we want you to join us!

Program details

We are looking for ambassadors who can assist the team in promoting media content, expand and engage with the community. Also maintaining the brand image of SynAssets.

Who can become SynAssets Ambassador?

  • Experienced in the digital asset industry, or have a long-term interest in digital assets.
  • Blockchain community owners, We media influencers, leaders KOLs, community KOLs.
  • Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and other resources or fan base, at least more than 1000 members, and the monthly activity of fans is not less than 30% .
  • Familiar with the concept of SynAssets, able to actively assist with official community promotions. Experience in community management is preferred. Be familiar with SynAssets’s products and activity rules.

What you’ll earn

  • SAT and other sAsssets token IDO whitelists(whitelists number depends on your contribution).
  • Invite Reward:Only ambassador have the right of invitation and gain SAT invite reward of 4%,the invitee will gain 1% SAT invite reward.
  • SynAssets community resources and platform resources sharing.
  • Priority to participate in the follow-up activities of the SynAssets platform.
  • Have SynAssets ecological autonomously, suggesting, and voting rights.
  • In the future, we will set up an ambassador treasury and distribute rewards depends on performance appraisals every month.

Tasks and Requirements

  • Ambassador could be formulated and executed depending on their own resources and competence,Build and manage local developer communities
  • Familiar with SynAssets, and recognize and get self-motivated to promote its vision and values.
  • Promote SynAssets related articles and event info at least four times a month.
  • A self-driven and dedicated Ambassador who excels at execution, communication, and coordination.
  • Enhance the community atmosphere, guide positive discussions, and answer questions about SynAssets in the communication group.

How to Apply?

  • All candidates are encouraged to learn about SynAssets before submitting an application
  • To understand SynAssets, one should start from the SynAssets whitepaper.
  • Join the SynAssets community to get the latest news
  • Submit the application form for the Global Consensus Ambassador Recruitment Plan
  • we will be dedicated staff to contact you after approval.
Thank you for your attention and support to SynAssets.


SynAssets Ambassadors face quarterly performance appraisals. For ambassadors who failed to meet the relevant criteria, the Foundation may suspend their incentives.

About SynAssets

Driven by early consensus participants, SynAssets will launch on Polygon as a powerful consensus aggregation network which have sufficient liquidity and no liquidation risk.
SynAssets will not only bring the fair issuance mechanism of Olympus, POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity), and 3.3 Consensus into the synthetic assets world, but also introduce five major innovations, namely, SynAssets Assets (sAssets), IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering), consensus aggregation network, (5,5) Consensus, and deflation mechanism. All consensus participants in the SynAssets ecology will gain growth of wealth thanks to the consensus.
After the initial launching of SynAssets, we will successively launch sAssets such as sMatic, sBTC, and sETH. Besides crypto currencies, such as BTC, Matic, and ETH, we will also launch traditional financial assets such as Apple and Tesla stocks, so as to bring the new type of consensus mechanism into the traditional financial community.Innovative functions such as sAssets,(5,5) Consensus, consensus aggregation network, and deflation mechanism will be online in the initial launching. In the future, SynAssets will work with consensus participants to successively develop and launch new functions such as DAO governance in order to jointly build the SynAssets ecology.

Vision and Misson

We will create a global synthetic assets exchange in the blockchain world. By bringing the consensus of all human kind together, such exchange will realize high liquidity, no liquidation risk,total decentralization, and anchoring with physical assets (including but not limited to stocks and gold).